Upcoming Classes:

I hope you can join us Sundays at our beautiful location at Namaste North Yoga studio 10-11:15am. It's very close to the Snow City Cafe. Please remember to either pay for parking or find a spot on the street.

Sundays 10-11:15am
Namaste North Yoga
400 L Street, Suite 150
Anchorage, AK 55501 Suggested Donation is $12/$6 for students and seniors

Achieving Our Potential
with Buddhist meditation teacher, Rick Zelinsky

February 19: “Dealing With Anger” Learning about the faults of anger and looking at the solution to this common problem.

February 26: “No Virtue Greater Than Patience” We should strive to become very familiar with the practice of patience. Practical strategies for building our inner peace!

Dealing with Anxiety
With Buddhist meditation teacher Rick Zelinsky

March 5: "A plan for anxiety" - Anxiety is a state of mind. Sure there's something that we're anxious about, but how come some people get anxious and some not? We can train to not be anxious,

March 12: "Creating peace" - A class on the benefits of meditation - directed very specifically at reducing anxiety.

March 19: "Clear Sky Mind” Our mind is clarity, like the sky, and our thoughts are like clouds that appear and disappear in the sky. Some thoughts are happy, some are unhappy, anxious. How many thoughts have we had so far today? Lots. And they all went away by themselves, without us doing anything. Thoughts only stick around when we pay attention to them, so one technique for dealing with unhappy thoughts is just to not dwell on them. We'll experience this in meditation.

March 26: "Where does anxiety come from?" Anxiety is the result of attachment and awareness of uncertainty. Both of these are thoughts. Attachment is inside our mind, inside our heart. And everything is uncertain, it's just that we often don't realize it - this proves that anxiety is inside our mind, coming from the way we think.

April 2: "Developing Inner Stability" A class on a specific type of patience: voluntarily enduring suffering. Our mind is indestructible and like the sky, our mind will never be destroyed by painful thoughts, just as thunder clouds cannot hurt the sky. There's no need to get upset about being anxious. Just feel it, recognize, this is coming from attachment and remember that happiness comes from peace.

April 9: "The Me Obsession” Anxiety comes from attachment and attachment comes self-cherishing. We’ll learn that a practical solution guaranteed to reduce anxiety is to cherish others.

April 16: "Using wisdom: this is not me” Anxiety comes from attachment. Attachment comes from self-cherishing. Self-cherishing comes from self-grasping. A class on the true nature of ourselves, others, and all phenomena.

A branch class of Kadampa Meditation Center Washington.

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